Conclusions and other RLSs

Conclusions and other RLSs


In the presentations students need to apply the conclusions back to their original RLS and to other RLSs. The conclusions can be applied back to the RLS during and/or after the development. So you can do it in two ways:

  • after each development offer a mini-conclusion and go back to the original RLS to apply the products of the reflection back (go above the waterline to the real-world and come back for the next development to the TOK world);
  • or after the whole analysis in the TOK world go back to the original RLS to apply the final conclusions.

More sophisticated presentations will consider other RLSs demonstrating why the presentation is important and relevant in a wider sense. Through this, students show that the KQ applies in a number of contexts, ideally from other Areas of Knowledge or different experiences.

To apply means:

  • examining how the conclusions might affect the way you think about other RLSs
  • and/or examining how the conclusions might impact the conclusions in other Areas of Knowledge