Map is not a territory

7 minute drawing of a map of the world (adapted from E. Dombrowski et al. 2013)

Display a set of different maps. Use the discussion prompts from the Lessons from around the world.

And what if I told you that maps are wrong?

Dombrowski et al. (2013) Theory of Knowledge course companion – p.3-4 Student voices

What does it tell us about knowledge?

Possible themes: map and power, map and simplification, map and knowledge

Defining knowledge, belief, information, fact, theory, truth, law and hypothesis

knowledge vs. information

Personal knowledge and shared knowledge

Personal Knowledge vs. Shared Knowledge for students activity

Evidence and justification

Abel The Basis of Knowledge

Lesson about Syria by Larry Ferlazzo

Exercise for awareness: facts, feelings, and changing your mind by Theo Dombrowski

Questions or Answers?

A Day at the Park by Siddharth Bhandari

What is the nature of knowledge? What is the progress of knowledge? Is knowledge static or ever-changing?


Standing in the center of the world by E. Dombrowski

Inspired by the speech of Conrad Hughs

What is shown in the painting? Does the reality look the same? What does it say about the knowledge?

“Fake news”

TOK and “fake news”: 3 tips, 2 downloads, and 3 resources by E. Dombrowski

“Fake news”: updating TOK critique by E. Dombrowski