Essay tips and tricks

Essay Tips and tricks


Keep you essay clear and precise – you have ONLY 1600 words. Avoid repetitions and meaningless descriptions. Cut all the sentences that do not introduce any new ideas or insights. Do not use big generalisations (all, none), unjustified claims (some scientists say that…) and misused words (it proves…, clearly…, best example, etc.)


Try to avoid hypothetical and cliche examples. Rarely you can use a thought experiment as an example however get rid of all “imagine that…” or examples that cannot really be identified as real-life. There are also some examples that are used very often: Copernicus, Mona Lisa, Guernica, etc. – they are not bad however often lead to a very superficial analysis or even description only.


Try to avoid using dictionary definitions – it is better to state your own one. Use the definitions you have created as a base for the analysis of the claims – sometimes you may use the inaccuracies or limitations of your definition in the analysis.


As many TOK students are not native English speakers the levels of language acquisition should not matter in the essay. However a more sophisticated vocabulary, use of analytical language and good editing of your essay will leave a better impression on the reader (and it is a global impression marking!).