TOK presentation

TOK presentation is an oral activity that accounts for 1/3 of the TOK grade. It is the internal assessment task in TOK and a sample from each school is being moderated.

Aim: apply TOK concepts and analysis to the real-life situations

Approach: individually or in a group up to 3 people

Duration: 10 minutes per person

Form: lecture, interview or debate

Allowed: multimedia, costumes, or props

Not allowed: essay read or pre-recorded presentation

References: all sources must be acknowledged (Academic Honesty)


The presentation is marked using a holistic approach.


Source: Theory of knowledge guide (2015)

The presentation should follow this model:


Source: Theory of knowledge guide (2015)


  1. Describe the real-life situation (RLS)
  2. Extract your main knowledge question (KQ)
  3. Explain the connection between the RLS and KQ
  4. Develop the KQ using TOK concepts and ideas, and progress to related knowledge questions that will move argument forward, use different perspectives to analyze varying points of view
  5. Apply the conclusions back to the first RLS and to other RLS (during and/or after the development)

Presentation checklist

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