TOK – Day 1

Inspired by the Polish podcast about education titled Edugadki and the interview with Barbara Zielonka, a Polish teacher who works in Norway and was one of 10 teacher-finalist of Global Teacher Prize, my aim this year is to be a Learning Experience Architect for my students. I want to incorporate their passions, interests and issues important to them into my TOK lessons so that they can develop their experience to the fullest. They will also have a decisive voice when it comes to the methods and ICT used during the lessons. So the first step is to get to know them, their expectations and interests to make the lessons even more exciting to them.

During the first lesson we will :

  • talk about the rules that we would like to be followed during classes. You can find some sample contract rules here.
  • discuss the methods used in the classroom and find the ones that they prefer most
  • introduce the aims and assessment objectives of TOK and discuss what skills are going to be needed to achieve them and what do they mean to them
  • introduce the Areas of Knowledge and work in groups to find some interesting things about each of them (using the Knowledge Framework as a basis to prepare posters) – AoK poster

You can find my PPT presentation here: TOK first lesson.

Last but not least, I will show them this video to explain why we learn TOK:

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